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Cornell University

Happiness Patrick Bulugu


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Happiness Bulugu

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My area of research is to determine optimum and authentic style teaching practices for acquisition of the Swahili language. The communicative style includes using authentic materials or situations while incorporating Swahili cultural aspects. I am also interested in course design, assessment, and developing language teaching materials. Swahili is considered one of the easiest languages to learn in some aspects, and the hardest language for students in other aspects.  Swahili is an agglutinative language, that is, verbs carry other parts of the sentence such as noun, tense, and idea of the action. Swahili has noun classes which are very challenging to students. Discovering communicative styles of teaching noun classes will aid students in quick precise usage of noun classes in real life environments. Precise student placement and ongoing assessment is imperative. Currently some students are entering classes with a large variety and range of proficiency and background in Swahili.  Therefore, I am focusing on finding the best techniques to develop placement tests for Swahili student from elementary to intermediate levels.  A final area of concern is in efficient techniques to evaluate students' oral proficiency for these ability levels.